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Began on Saturday, September 10th
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Yoga Teacher Training provides students with the knowledge, skills, and technique required to deepen their personal practice and then be able to share it with others. This yoga alliance certified course will cover the history of yoga, philosophy, meditation, anatomy and adjustments, and teaching skills. The fall training will total 200 hours of work spanning 12 weeks from September 10th to December 3rd, 2022.

Meeting Times:
Every Wednesday from 5:30-9:30pm
+ Alternating Weekends Fri-Sun
Friday 5:30-9:30pm
Saturday 12-6p
Sunday 12-6p
$2,695 early bird (commitment before August 31st) + cost of books required for the training
$2,995 full price (commitment on or after September 1st) + cost of books required for the training

The Vibe Yoga Teacher Training is an incredible journey of transformation. Each individual who dives into the training whole-heartedly will experience a growing sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and healing. Our program provides a wealth of knowledge, both intellectual and emotional, with a curriculum that touches on the physical practice, philosophy, and life skills that extend far beyond the yoga mat. We are committed to providing our students with a deep knowledge and understanding of the principles required for being an effective yoga teacher that has the practical tools required to share this ancient practice. 

Vibe Vinyasa is the union of breath and movement. It can safely be described as a breathing system. While Vibe Vinyasa is a more modern style of yoga, it has its roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Vibe Yoga’s style of teaching creates an environment that allows students to come as they are no matter past history or previous experience with yoga.
The Vibe Yoga lineage is directly connected to a long line of master teachers such as Sri K Pattahbi Jois, David Williams, Jonny Kest, and Jason Hulshof. Through the Vibe Yoga Teacher Training, teachers honor and continue the teaching of this lineage alive with the passion to grow and share from the perspective of teacher to student. This upcoming Yoga Teacher Training will be led by Jason Hulshof and Elana Giordano, with the support of Heather Libonati and Kristin Royseland. 

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