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Vibe Vinyasa
Strength building physically, mentally, and spiritually
A dynamic, challenging, and sweaty yoga class that unites breath and movement. The studio is heated to 95°, which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation and increases flexibility. In this music driven practice, you will flow along to tracks from varied genres. The practice includes a centering warm-up followed by three flow sequences. Using verbal cues, the instructor will guide you through these flows in stages. After learning the series all together, you will have the opportunity to take each flow at your own pace adding in challenges and modifications.
*This class is heated to 95°.
*We also offer Unheated Vibe Vinyasa classes, which will reflect in the title of the class on the schedule.
*Potential for explicit music.


Slow Vibe Vinyasa
Deep, Sensual, and Fluid

A slower, deeper vinyasa class perfect for the student that prefers a challenge and likes to move at a slower pace. This class explores held postures to engage muscles and cultivate flexibility. You’ll have the opportunity to balance your mind and dive into the breath using slower, progressive sequencing. The studio is heated to 80-85° as you flow to soulful and smooth music. Similar to Vibe Vinyasa, there is a free-flow element to this class.
*This class is heated between 80-85°.


Gentle Vibe
Foundational practice for all yogis, from beginner to seasoned, to deepen their practice..

Slower moving than our heated classes, Gentle Vibe offers full guidance from the teacher with transitions that are gentle and focused. The integration of breath while holding poses with intention and relaxation is the aim of this class. 
*This class is not heated.
*We also offer Gentle Vibe + Therapy Dog. During this particular class, Christine is accompanied by therapy dog, Indigo, who provides an additional sense of calm and love to all who attend. 


Hot Power
Strong, Fiery, Balanced

A guided heated vinyasa flow class. Perfect for the student looking to build strength and flexibility with a warmer approach. The practice is centered around technique and will offer students breakdowns of postures, variations, and modifications.
*The studio is heated between 90-98°.


Series of poses combined with deep, controlled breathing.
A shortened and modified version of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, this class is great for anyone wanting to learn the basics and foundations of vinyasa yoga. The practice begins with Sun Salutations to warm the body, followed by a set sequence of held postures that allow you to sink deep while learning proper technique and alignment.
*Room temperature will fall between 75-80°.


Chair Yoga
Safe, Therapeutic, Accessible

A specific form of yoga therapy practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. The poses are often adaptations of asanas in modern yoga and are sequenced to be gentle and accessible. This class is great for students who struggle getting up and down from the floor and/or just need a little extra physical support.
*This class is not heated.

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A weekly class focused on arm balancing while building strength and flexibility. This class is for all levels and the teacher provides individual coaching to help students achieve their goals.
*This class is not heated.


Several Yin Style Classes:
Yin, Hot Yin, Hot Yin & Singing Bowls, Aroma Yin, Hot Yin & Tarot, and Guided Meditation + Yin
Injury Prevention, Joint Health, Restorative Energy.

The essence of Yin yoga is surrender. All our yin style classes invite you to stretch into grounding shapes on your mat. Students melt into postures for an extended period of time, sometimes with the help of a prop, helping to calm the nervous system and restore energy.
Additional Yin information:
*Non Heated Yin classes are 75-80°. 
*Hot Yin classes are noted on the schedule and heated to 95°.
*The Hot Yin & Singing Bowls class is enhanced by the teacher playing singing bowls.  
*The Aroma Yin experience is elevated by Zeeta Body sprays created by the teacher as well as a special guest, therapy dog named Indigo.
*Hot Yin & Tarot will also include live tarot readings by the teacher who is also a psychic medium.

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